Paulsen Curling Team

Trish Paulsen is no stranger to international competition – or winning! This talented Saskatchewan skip and her team won the Junior Women's National Curling Championships in February 2011 and the following month took silver at the World Junior Championships in Perth, Scotland.

Now Trish and her new team: lead, Tessa Ruetz; second, Sarah Collin; and third, Kari Kennedy, have moved into women's competition and they are stepping up their training regimen for the season ahead. This means lots of running, squats with weights, and other strength training exercises. Some training is specific to team position, so while they all do endurance and leg strengthening exercise at least three times a week, sweepers also do more upper body strength training. As the new season approaches the team will increase their on-ice technical training and sweeping drills. According to Trish, the on-ice training is always more rigorous.

As Trish explains, bonspiels generally run three days and the team will play as many as three games a day. The physical demands of play are inconsistent and mental focus is paramount. These athletes need energy to sustain them through long games, which may last 3 hours. In addition the sweepers need bursts of energy.

Trish has been using Genki Bar in training and says it digests easily and tastes great. She finds it helps defend against fatigue and believes the bar will help tremendously during competition. She will have a Bar pre-game, and Genki Bar can also replace the usual mid-game snack taken at the fifth end. Trish feels Genki Bar is a great product and she is eager to introduce it to other athletes.

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Team Paulsen 2011-2012 Schedule

September 23 – 26: Schmirler Charity Curling Classic (WCT), Regina SK

October 7 – 10: Regina Callie Rocktoberfest (SWCT), Regina SK

October 14 – 16: Saskatoon Nutana (SWCT), Saskatoon SK

October 28 – 31: Colonial Inn Curling Classic (WCT), Saskatoon SK

November 4 – 6: Prince Albert Ladies Cash Spiel (SWCT), Prince Albert SK

November 18 – 20: Curves Women's Cash Bonspiel (SWCT), Swift Current SK

December 2 – 4: Cornerstone Credit Union Women's Cash Bonspiel (SWCT), Yorkton SK

January 12-15: SCA Provincial Northerns, Prince Albert SK

January 25-29: SCA Women's Provincials, Humboldt SK

*WCT = World Curling Tour
*SWCT = Saskatchewan Women's Curling Tour
*SCA = Saskatchewan Curling Association