Genki Bar supports Women's Hockey

Hockey, especially the women's game, is a high-intensity, high-endurance sport that is demanding on the body. Nutrition plays a key role in a female player’s performance and recovery. Genki Bar is well suited provide the nutrition that players need for three periods of consistent play.

To learn more about Genki Bars® and learn more about how the University of Manitoba Bisons Women's Hockey Team has benefitted from eating Genki Bars® before, during and after games, click on the images below to download their virtual hockey card.



How Does Genki Bar® Help With Your Performance in Women's Hockey?

  • Genki Bar® is low GI; designed for performance and health
  • Provides sustained energy to get you through three periods of hockey
  • Genki Bar® contains 7 grams of quality protein to help you recover
  • Lentils are one of the best sources of a low glycemic index carbohydrate. Consumption of a low glycemic index carbohydrate before exercise will release glucose slower and at a more sustained rate, provide a metabolic advantage and is healthier. On the other hand, consuming a meal with a high glycemic index before exercise causes a sharp increase in glucose, which may lead to an early depletion of muscle glycogen (the stored form of glucose). This sharp increase in blood glucose after a high GI meal also causes the body to release insulin. The high levels of insulin impair fat oxidation (the process of burning fat as fuel), which causes the body to rely even more on the glycogen stores. This can result in an early onset of fatigue and the depletion of glycogen stores, in other words "the crash".
  • Genki Bar® maintains consistency in blood sugar, allowing players to elevate their game when needed.
  • Genki Bar is has no additional vitamins and minerals. It is a natural source of iron, selenium, magnesium, phosphorous, folate, manganese, potassium, zinc, and copper thiamin and vitamin B6. Because the minerals come naturally (bio-available) and good absorption rate. Basically your body will absorb the nutrients more readily. Also these are minerals mentioned are what most athletes are deficient. The protein in the bars amazing, it is a complete protein –complete with all your essential and non essential amino aids. It also has a high BCAA, which have been found to improve recovery. Selenium is antioxidant, hard get and find in food , we have a high concentration of it.
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It is hard to find a bar for games that is composed of enough to sustain throughout the game, and at the same time is not heavy. The Genki Bar was a perfect combination of easily digestible and sustaining.

- Travis Zajac, Pro Hockey Player
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