Jessica Biggs 

jessica-biggs-trains-with-lentil-energy-barNever one to miss an opportunity, Jessica Biggs took up the sport of biathlon when it was offered to her some seven years ago through the Air Cadet program. Now, after five years on the Provincial Junior team and with the experience of the 2011 Canada Winter Games behind her, she has her aim set squarely on qualifying for the 2013 University Games. She feels confident she can make the team as she has been competing against the field for the past few years.

Now that she has moved from Junior to the Women's category, Jessica's training will soon be stepping up as well – from 10 hours per week to 20+ once winter arrives. Summer training consists of running, roller-skiing, shooting, cycling, as well as weightlifting and other strength training exercise. Next month her fall training regime will increase the hours of training, adding specific exercises to get her back into race mode. This means more shooting and running drills. The competitive season is underway by December and continues through to the end of March with the Nationals generally the final event of the season.

Jessica trains as part of a high performance team that has 10 members, eight of whom represented Manitoba at the Canada Games. Sustained energy throughout a race is essential for these biathletes and a rapid heart rate response is critical for accurate shooting. Jessica has been training with Genki Bar and finds it light in the stomach. She has been using the bar pre and post training and has had no problems with cramping. She finds it provides her with sustained energy and she loves the berry flavour!

Perhaps it's not surprising this ambitious and energetic multi-tasker would choose a sport that is two sports in one! While she completes her degree in Mechanical Engineering (aerospace), Jessica, now an officer in the force, will continue to coach young Air Cadets in biathlon, and since she is also a pilot, will instruct them in gliding too.

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