Gabrielle Edwards
gabrielle-edwards-genki-barTop Ranking Junior Triathlon Champion in Canada

Heading to the Olympics! Gabrielle was selected to represent Team Canada in the 3000m track event in the 2010 Youth Olympic in Singapore. We are so proud of our young star.

Gabrielle has been participating in triathlon for about eight years, and competing seriously for the past five. In 2009, although still just 15, she was selected to race in the Junior Elite (16-19 year old) category placing second at the 2009 Junior Elite National Championships in Gatineau, Quebec. She is the first 15 year old to be granted approval by Triathlon Canada to race up in the junior category, Edwards is now ranked fourth in the country in that category and has her sights set on the 2016 Olympics. She placed second in the 3000 metres at the 2009 Youth Nationals in Sherbrooke, Quebec and for a further change of pace she competes in cross country where she is ranked number one in the province of Saskatchewan.

Edwards was awarded the Midget Female Track Athlete of the Year of Saskatchewan (The Bob Adams Award of Excellence) in 2008 and 2009. She also holds the provincial track records in the Bantam 1500m and the juvenile and junior 4x800m relay.

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"Since I started training with Genki Bars I have had many positive results both in training and competitions. Genki Bars are now a routine part of my training schedule, eating them before my workout is as important to me as bringing a water bottle to practice. If I forget to eat a Genki Bar before a workout (especially a long one) I notice a definite decrease in my strength and endurance. Genki Bars help me through long and hard workouts on a regular basis and, since I've started eating them regularly, my times have been improving by leaps and bounds.

One of the places that I noticed the effect of Genki Bars on my training the most was in Singapore. I had the amazing opportunity to go there for the inaugural Youth Olympic Games this past summer to compete in the 3000m run. Singapore was extremely hot and humid and, because I was not used to this type of weather, I was in danger of running out of the energy that I needed to compete. Eating Genki Bars before my workouts and races helped me to have the energy and endurance that I needed to stay on pace. Some of my other team mates were complaining about how they were tired all of the time but, thanks to a combination of good preparation and Genki Bars, I was never low on energy. Genki Bars help me to perform and train at my best and is something that I couldn't train without."

Gabrielle Edwards