The Birth of the Genki Bar®


As a triathlete and working mother of two young children, Theresa Le Sliworsky needed a nutrition bar to boost her energy during training sessions, and for busy days when balancing work and parenting was a challenge. Disappointed with the textures, flavors, preservatives, and sugars in performance bars on the market, she was determined to create a healthier alternative.

Armed with 15 years professional experience in the food industry, she got busy in her kitchen, exploring simple, nutritious, and delicious combinations that would be filling but provide the necessary energy without the sugar "crash" of most snacks bars.

With an extensive knowledge of pulse crops (pulses are the edible seeds of legumes: peas, beans, lentils, and chickpeas) Le Sliworsky settled on lentils as the key ingredient in her bars. Lentils are filling, yet virtually fat free[1], and their subtle flavor blends well with other ingredients[2][3]. Combined with oats, fruits and nuts - all of which have very good carbohydrate and protein profiles - her new lentil creation provided the right balance of nutrition and taste to meet her requirements as an endurance athlete. Thus, the Genki Bar® was born!

Dr. Bert Vandenberg, a renowned Canadian lentil expert and world class Masters' soccer competitor, provided the expertise on the selection of the best lentils. The University of Saskatchewan, leaders in sport performance and nutrition, and lentil research, along with the Manitoba Food Development Centre, tested the Genki Bar® with athletes, to ensure it met the taste, nutritional, health and performance needs of athletes and others in the sports bar market.

Genki Bar® is good for everyone from the elite athlete to the weekend warrior. It's a delicious, healthy bar, made with the best basic ingredients, that should be a part of any healthy diet[4]. Genki Bar® is one of the few sport performance bars that can stand behind a claim to support health. What's more, you can recognize the ingredients when you read the label. It's a great alternative to other products on the market.

Genki Bar – Our Story

Genki Bar® Food Inc. is a family owned Manitoba based food company.
We are the first company to utilize the functional benefits of the best Canadian-grown lentils as a major ingredient in a sport performance energy bar. Our mission is to deliver delicious, nutritious bars that help athletes achieve their performance potential.

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It is hard to find a bar for games that is composed of enough to sustain throughout the game, and at the same time is not heavy. The Genki Bar was a perfect combination of easily digestible and sustaining.

- Travis Zajac, Pro Hockey Player
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