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  1. What’s in a Genki Bar®?

    Genki Bar® is a packed full of the best all-natural, wholesome ingredients. We use lentils, oats, fruits and nuts to provide protein and carbohydrates, in just the right combination, to give you lasting energy. Lentils are the first and main ingredient in each 40-gram bar, taking full advantage of all of their nutritional benefits. Genki Bar® does NOT contain soy protein concentrates, isolated soy protein, or any other highly processed soy ingredients.

  2. Why is Genki Bar® better than other sport and energy bars?

    Better taste. Healthy, natural ingredients. Scientifically balanced nutrition. The simple, wholesome ingredients packed into every Genki Bar® are perfectly balanced to provide a slow release of energy. It’s all about the lentils. Genki Bar® is made from whole lentils to take full advantage of all of the nutritional benefits they offer. It’s recommended that a Genki Bar® be eaten with a glass of water for greatest metabolic efficiency. To learn more about Genki Bar® and performance visit “Performance and Everyday

  3. Why no soy? I thought soy was good.

    Soy IS good. But lentils pack an even more powerful punch. Lentils are a true ‘superfood’, have been consumed for centuries, and are a source of protein to millions of people around the world. The low fat and high fibre in lentils lowers blood cholesterol, making them heart healthy. Regular consumption helps manage blood sugar levels as lentils give you energy to burn while stabilizing blood sugar. The high fibre in lentils helps promote healthy gut bacteria. Furthermore, they are perfect for those that have soy allergies.

  4. Where can I buy Genki Bar®?

    Genki Bar® is available at select retailers and through online purchase. Click on the "Buy Now" tab to find a retailer near you! Genki Bar® can also be shipped to anywhere in Canada through PayPal's secure online purchasing system.

  5. Can Genki Bar® be eaten as meal-replacement?

    No, Genki Bar® cannot replace a whole meal. Genki Bar® is a nutritious supplement to any balanced, healthy diet and a great way to meet the rigors of training or the challenges of a busy day. It makes a great meal on the go for those occasions when training or other activities take you past your regular mealtime.

  6. Why is Genki Bar® smaller than other bars?

    Genki Bar® is all food no fillers. Genki Bar® is portion-controlled nutrition at its best! At 40 grams, this dense and powerful bar packs all the punch you need!

  7. Are the lentils used in Genki Bar® genetically modified (GMO)?

    We use the world’s best lentils (Canadian, of course!) with all their whole and natural goodness – and no modifications of any kind. Furthermore, there is no commercial production of GMO lentils in Canada.

  8. What kinds of sugars are in the Genki Bar®?

    Genki Bar® contains no sugar alcohols or artificial sugars. Each Genki Bar® is sweetened with a touch of honey, a sprinkling of cranberries, and a few drops of brown rice syrup.

  9. Where does the protein in Genki Bar® come from?

    Lentils are a true ‘superfood’. Lentils, combined with whey, provide the protein in Genki Bar® – with a little added kick from a few nuts.

  10. Is Genki Bar® nut-free?

    No. Genki Bar® contains some nuts. Combined with our other powerful ingredients they help to deliver a balanced measure of protein and fat.

  11. What about trans fats?

    Genki Bar® contains no trans fats.

  12. Should children eat Genki Bar®?

    Absolutely! Genki Bar® is perfect for kids in sports. It is nutritious, contains no artificial or added sweeteners, and is only 150 calories.

  13. Can women eat Genki Bar® during pregnancy?

    Of course! Genki Bar® is source of iron, protein, fibre, and provides all your essential amino acids – all nutrients your body needs during pregnancy. However, it is always important to check with your obstetrician for more information.

  14. Does Genki Bar® contain dairy?

    Genki Bar® contains whey protein isolate – proteins isolated from whey. Whey is what is left when all the milk solids are removed in the making of cheese. Whey protein isolate is 90% protein and is digested very rapidly so the protein is available to your muscles quickly. It also has the added benefit of improving blood flow, which helps repair and rebuild muscle tissue.

  15. Does Genki Bar® contain gluten?

    Genki Bar® is made with lentils and oats, neither contains gluten, so technically our bars are gluten free. However, the mills that process our oats may also process various other grains. So we would have to say it is possible the oats could be exposed to miniscule amounts of wheat or other grains that contain gluten.

  16. Are there added vitamins and minerals in Genki Bar®?

    No, all the vitamins and minerals are derived from the wholesome, nutritious, real foods we use to make Genki Bar®. It isn’t necessary to add anything at all!

  17. Why do I need carbs, proteins and fats in an energy bar?

    Your body is like a furnace and the fuel it burns is the food you ingest. Carbs burn more quickly and are great for fueling shorter bursts of energy. Fats and proteins burn more slowly so your energy is more lasting. A balanced combination of fats, carbohydrates and proteins is the most efficient fuel for your furnace. Genki Bar® offers just the right combination for optimum performance.

  18. How does my body use carbs, fats and proteins?

    Glycogen is a kind of starch that our bodies use as energy. Glycogen is held in reserve in the liver, muscles, and red blood cells, so it is ready and available when suddenly needed. “Hitting the wall” is a term often used to describe the extreme fatigue that can result when glycogen reserves are depleted. Proper eating before, during and after exercise can prevent this. Our bodies use the foods we eat for energy through a process of oxidation. A high rate of oxidation of fat slows the depletion of our glycogen stores, thereby delaying the onset of fatigue. The opposite is true of carbohydrate oxidation. A high oxidation of carbohydrates results in faster depletion of glycogen stores and induces fatigue more quickly. A lower rate of carbohydrate oxidation is therefore desired as it slows the depletion of our glycogen stores. Genki Bar® feeds the body a balance of nutrients to sustain energy and slow the use of stored glycogen.

  19. What is GI?

    GI stands for Glycemic Index. It is the measure of how carbohydrates affect sugar levels in the blood. Carbohydrates that break down slowly and gradually release sugar (glucose) into the bloodstream are low GI. High GI foods release glucose into the blood more quickly and the resulting surge of energy is usually followed by a “crash” of fatigue a short time later. Genki Bar® exhibits a low GI response, providing athletes with a healthy metabolic advantage.

  20. Don’t athletes need lots of salt?

    Salt is essential for human life – we could not survive without the sodium or chloride ions that make up salt. Sodium is one of four primary electrolytes in our bodies but too much, or too little, can result in muscle cramps, nausea, dizziness, and, in extreme cases, can be fatal. Salt regulates the fluid balance in the body. People tend to drink more when exercising so it is important to balance the intake of fluids and salts.

  21. How long does Genki Bar® stay fresh in the package?

    Genki Bar® does not contain preservatives or additives that can be used to extend to shelf life of a product. To ensure freshness and full metabolic efficiency we recommend you consume the bars by the best before date.

  22. Can people with diabetes eat Genki Bar®?

    Yes, Genki Bar® is an ideal fuel source for diabetics as well, with its low fat content and low glycemic index carbohydrate, it can help maintain health and control blood sugar. Genki Bar® is a well balanced food that is convenient and easy to incorporate into your daily food regimen. Each Genki Bar® is equivalent to 1.3 servings of carbohydrate (20 grams of carbohydrate) based on the Canadian Diabetes Association meal planning guide for healthy eating, diabetes prevention and management.

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Over time, I have experimented with energy bars & gels for the distance events. I am using the lentil-based Genki Bar® in all longer cross-country races & in multi-event races....They allow me to push harder in the last quarter of races, and my overall results have improved.

- M. Boersch
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