Improve Muscular Endurance With Genki Bar

Achieve superior muscle recovery and improve muscular endurance with high quality protein found in The Original Lentil Bar - The Genki Bar.

Improve Muscular Endurance - Genki Bar® boosts exercise metabolism and helps you fight the crash!

To compare the performance of Genki Bar® with that of another leading sport performance bar, 11 well trained athletes were put through rigorous testing in a recent scientific study at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada. The study included 75 minutes of cycling at a consistent intensity, followed by an all-out 7 km time trial.

The study demonstrated that consuming a Genki Bar® before exercise enhanced exercise metabolism while maintaining endurance performance.

The leading sport performance bar resulted in higher pre-exercise glucose levels (i.e. a higher glycemic index) after consumption, compared to the Genki Bar®.

Glucose is the body's main fuel source during exercise. The glycemic index (GI) measures how fast and how much a food raises blood glucose levels. A high GI response causes your blood sugar level to spike early giving you a quick burst of energy but then fades quickly, resulting in early onset of fatigue... "the crash".

Foods with a low glycemic index release glucose slower and at a more sustained rate, and can offer a more lasting energy source during endurance exercise.

Genki Bar® exhibits the characteristics of a low glycemic index carbohydrate.

Genki Bar reduces blood glucose and improve muscular endurance compared to leading sports bars
* Blood glucose levels were measured immediately before and 5, 15 and 30 minutes after consumption of food as well as at 0, 30 and 60 minutes of exercise and post exercise

High carbohydrate oxidation depletes glycogen, resulting in quicker fatigue, while high fat oxidation delays fatigue and improves muscular endurance. Genki Bar® has a lower carbohydrate oxidation and a higher fat oxidation during exercise, thereby sparing carbohydrates and maintaining energy stores for optimal muscular endurance.


Fight the “crash” improve muscular endurance and recovery. Understand the science behind Genki Bar®.


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Along with the great taste unlike many sports bars I have also noticed an improvement in my endurance and muscle recovery time between workouts!

- Keegan Sharp
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