By Head Coach
Oct. 6, 2011 

The Manitoba Marlins Swim Club today announced a partnership with Genki Bar Foods Inc., a locally manufactured, high nutrition, performance food.

The Marlins, an aquatic institution in Winnipeg for more than four decades, currently has over a hundred swimmers in its competitive program and almost 80 more in their pre-competitive swim school called the Mini-Marlins.

Genki Bar utilizes highest-grade Canadian lentils as its primary ingredient and is a nutritious way to boost energy during training, endurance events or long workout sessions.

Genki Bar will offer competitive advantages to Marlins swimmers. The Marlins are especially looking forward to the access Genki will provide to a sport nutritionist. The Marlins currently have alliances with therapists and sport medicine providers, so adding Genki Bar and their services to the team is the next logical step.

"Lentils are a true super food," claimed Theresa Le Sliworsky, founder and President of Genki Bar Foods Inc., "and Genki Bar is unique in the energy bar market. Our made-in-Manitoba bars are formulated to deliver a sustaining balance of protein, carbs, and fats, along with many other beneficial nutrients, without any fillers or additives. And they taste good," she added.

Through this new alliance with Genki Bar, the Marlins will be able to provide sound nutritional advice to parents and swimmers with seminars and reference materials. While there will be a focus on the higher performance athletes, advice will also be shared with younger swimmers where the potential impact is even greater.

Le Sliworsky, from Team Genki Bar (also a triathlete and working mother of two) has over 15 years' experience in the food industry. "Our clinical research has shown these bars provide a slow release of energy that allows athletes to achieve their potential. However, our bars are not just for elite athletes," she added. "Anyone engaged in vigorous activity, especially children, can benefit from incorporating our bar into their healthy eating regimen."

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We're back from the race in Minneapolis with decent results. There were 915 finishers in the 33k skate event, 184 of them women. The team all had a Genki Bar before the race, and most of us one after as well. LOVE it, tastes great, great for racing, provides sustained energy for our long races!

- Prairie Storm Cross-Country Ski Team
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