Coach Ross Ann Edwards Discusses Belief in Genki Bar

Ross Ann Edwards and Genki Bar

As Provincial Team Coach and mother of an elite athlete, Ross Ann Edwards knows the importance of nutrition in training. A former athlete herself, she has been coaching for three decades and was a moving force behind the development of triathlon in Saskatchewan. "This is a great sport and the current environment is very positive for young athletes. Overall it's a good time for triathlon in Saskatchewan," says Edwards.

As a Director and Coach of high performance sport, her job is to challenge athletes to reach their potential and have them enjoy it. Part of their training is learning about themselves, how to train, how their bodies respond to training, and what they need to do for themselves, to ensure top performance. "It's important they know what is in their food and how it affects their performance," says Edwards.

Because she knows what is good for her athletes, Edwards feels Genki Bar provides all the essential nutrients for training and recovery. Her athletes will have a bar as pre-race food and another about twenty to thirty minutes after a race. "Good nutrition is critical for muscle recovery," says Edwards. "When athletes train 20 hours a week, they can't get the full benefit from their workouts if their bodies don't recover sufficiently between sessions," she explains, "Nutritionally, Genki Bar does what it needs to do and it's quick and easy to eat."

Edwards is impressed with the comprehensive science behind development of Genki Bar and has confidence in the product. "I researched the bar before committing my athletes to it," stated Edwards. "It's a product I can trust and I feel it has better nutrition than other available products. There are no fillers and the slow release from lentils is ideal," she continued. "The athletes like them and I like the fact they are a local product," Edwards concludes.

Several athletes under her watchful eye are now competing internationally and Edwards feels triathlon is full of opportunity. "There is a wonderful group of coaches in Canada with a real trusting relationship among them," says Edwards. "That's a terrific environment for the athletes."

Edwards believes there is a sport for everyone – at least recreationally. She encourages aspiring athletes to find their true passion and give it their all. "Pull everything out of yourself you can. Find a coach that fits and take the time to be the best you can be."

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Along with the great taste unlike many sports bars I have also noticed an improvement in my endurance and muscle recovery time between workouts!

- Keegan Sharp
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