Laura Young, Manager of SK Triathlon team talks about Genki Bar

Genki Bar Fuels the Saskatchewan Triathlon Team

Laura Young is co-manager of the Saskatchewan triathlon team preparing for the Western Canada Summer Games in Kamloops this August. To be eligible, athletes must be born in 1990 or later.

Athletes from across the province will come together for an intensive training camp in May. "We pick the top performers in each event. We recognize they could potentially be on the team so they all go to the camp, however, they still have to qualify to compete at the Games," explains Young. "The camp is a real introduction to the world of elite sport for many of these athletes," she continues, "while they have been training with their own clubs, the camp takes it to the next level. They learn about mental training, drug testing, nutrition, and training regimens. It's more than just workouts."

The team is selected in mid-June and preparation for the Games continues with a tri-province meet in July, bringing together prospective Games competitors from Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan. "Weather can be a bit of a disadvantage for athletes on the prairies," says Young. "We generally don't start training outdoors as soon as many other provinces."

As a manager, Young feels Genki Bar is a better choice than others bars on the market. "I feel Genki has better nutrition than many of the other bars. Our athletes are interested in their nutritional needs and I think they also appreciate using a local, Canadian product," adding "At the camp in May, they'll learn why Genki is a better alternative, when best to eat it, what it can replace, and how the timing of consumption affects performance."

These young athletes, training two hours or more a day, five and six days each week, need good nutrition to sustain their bodies and fulfill their dreams of competing at the Games. Genki Bar is proud to support them in their efforts and fuel achievement of their aspirations.

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We're back from the race in Minneapolis with decent results. There were 915 finishers in the 33k skate event, 184 of them women. The team all had a Genki Bar before the race, and most of us one after as well. LOVE it, tastes great, great for racing, provides sustained energy for our long races!

- Prairie Storm Cross-Country Ski Team
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