Young athletes have special nutritional needs. They not only need fuel to train but also fuel to support their growth. Without proper nutrition young athletes are less likely to achieve peak performance and may even break down rather than build up muscles. Athletes who don't take in enough calories every day won't be as fast and as strong as they could be and may not be able to maintain their weight. Also extreme nutritional deficits could lead to growth problems and other serious health risks for both girls and guys.

Game day food is also important. Since Genki Bar® doesn’t leave a heavy feeling in the stomach, eating a bar when rushing from school to the game is the perfect secret weapon in any young athlete’s bag.

Eating a variety of food is important. Consuming enough carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals and vitamins are integral to athletic performance and overall growth. Additionally, since their bodies are still growing, it is important to feed them unprocessed foods so that their digestive system is not weighed down with excess toxins. Genki Bar® is an all natural bar that be eaten on the go and provides that extra nutritional boosts for young athletes.

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Along with the great taste unlike many sports bars I have also noticed an improvement in my endurance and muscle recovery time between workouts!
- Keegan Sharp
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