The issue of poor nutrition is more common in female athletes than in male athletes. This is generally due to obvious physiological differences. An increased risk for iron, calcium, vitamin B, and zinc deficiencies is present for most female athletes. These nutrients are essential for building bones and muscle and for energy production.

Because of the blood loss during menstruation, iron deficiency is one of the most prevalent nutritional deficits among female athletes. Iron regulates metabolism and transports oxygen in the body. Symptoms of iron deficiency are muscle weakness, fatigue, light headedness and irritability. Further progressions of iron deficiency are rapid heart rate, tachypnea (rapid shallow breathing), palpitations and anaemia. All of these symptoms can be detrimental to training and overall performance.

One Genki Bar® provides 15% of your daily recommend allowance of iron with only 150 calories. This is idea for athletes who must maintain optimal leanness and whom are on calorie controlled diets (i.e. dancers, figure skaters, gymnasts). Genki Bar® is also packed with zinc, calcium and Vitamin B6 as well as eight other essential nutrients and minerals that are necessary for muscle performance. Choosing Genki Bar® as part of your nutritional regiment will augment your overall performance without neglecting your body’s dietary needs.

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Along with the great taste unlike many sports bars I have also noticed an improvement in my endurance and muscle recovery time between workouts!

- Keegan Sharp
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