Genki Bar® is pretty popular with athletes who have tried it…

genki energy bar with lentils

"Genki bars are a great pick me up between volleyball games. During a tournament you play a lot of games in one day and don't always get a chance to eat much between games. Genki Bars are a great way to get the energy you need to keep you going."

Member of the Court Marshal Volleyball team - 3 time provincial champions
Member of the 2011 Western Elite Provincial team 2011 Mustang Volley All-Star


"I have been training for marathons for a few years now and with every chance I get I am trying to push my body further and harder by either trying to get a new PB, run a new distance or trying multi day events. As an athletic therapist, I enjoy seeing how my body adapts and testing out new theories and ideas on myself, some work, some do not. Due to my background I am able to notice the early warning signs of poor recovery and I try to address it as soon as I can. To keep my body healthy and adapting to increasingly challenging training I find nutrition one of the main keys to my recovery. I am adamant about consuming the appropriate fuel before, during and after all of my training and races. When I mess this up I notice right away and the same thing goes for when I know I found a product that has worked for me. The typical "runners food" such as gels, chews and sports drinks do not work for me as my stomach does not tolerate sugars well, most of my races in the past have been fueled with dried fruit bars and cooked oatmeal with mashed banana. Although these have worked well, training for and running in multiple half and full marathons as well as an ultra is a lot of eating these foods over and over again.

Genki Bars have helped to revitalize my nutrition plan but they give me the energy I need for my long runs. They are easy to take during runs which puts them above many other bars as I do not like to waste my energy trying to chew through a bar. I am looking forward to running plenty more miles with my Genkis!"

 - Becky Swan - Certified Athletic Therapist -- Running the TransRockies Run August 21-26th to raise money for Alzheimer's -- Check out her blog here!


"I am a former long-distance runner and have cross-country ski raced for many years now. Over time, I have experimented with energy bars & gels for the distance events. I am using the lentil-based Genki Bar® in all longer (15-54km) cross-country races and in multi-event races. I generally have a Genki Bar® within 1 hour before the start of long events. I have experienced major improvements in long-term energy supply and as a consequence have cut down significantly on the use of gels during races. Aside from not having to bother/ deal with gels as often during the race, I have noticed two other major advantages: they are easy on my stomach (NO gut-rot), and I don't get hungry, even in a 54 k event (i.e., I never run out of energy). This allows me to push harder in the last quarter of races, and my overall results have improved. I am also using Genki Bar® as a recovery food after distance events. Good results here as well. I feel this is especially important at my age during the race season when I am racing every weekend!"

- M. Boersch
1st Female over all in the 2010 Riding Mountain Loppet 30 km classic and 27th overall in the 2010 American Birkebeiner -54 km classic.

Photo by Mike Madson

"We're back from the race in Minneapolis with decent results. There were 915 finishers in the 33k skate event, 184 of them women. The team all had a Genki Bar before the race, and most of us one after as well. LOVE it, tastes great, great for racing, provides sustained energy for our long races!"

- Prairie Storm Cross-Country Ski Team


"As a former Canadian Champion and Olympian rower and someone who has been participating in marathon distances for many years: cycling, running, canoeing, trekking and cross country skiing, I feel I have finally found a product in Genki Bar that properly fuels me before and after long workouts and competitions."

- S. Kirby
Competitive cross country skier, Manitoba provincial champion in age category in sprints, classic and freestyle each year of past 5 years


"I absolutely loved it!"

- Julene Friesen
Ranked fifth in CIS (Canadian Interuniversity Sport) for the 600 metres


"I have noticed a difference in my training with Genki Bar®. I no longer get hungry half way through my workout and I have more energy at the end of my workouts. It gives me energy when I need it and it is not overly filling which is great!"

- Nika Smitz
Ranked fifth in CIS (Canadian Interuniversity Sport) for pentathlon


"Preparing for Ironman Canada I have experimented with a lot of race-day nutrition plans. I settled on Genki Bars consumed in small bites combined with energy gels and dried fruit. I notice two things on long training days: (1) After six or seven hours I still feel strong and nourished; and (2) I'm not hungry. Genki Bar's slow burn keeps my stomach happy and feeling full."

- Dave Scharf
Triathlete and Marathoner


"Along with the great taste unlike many sports bars I have also noticed an improvement in my endurance and muscle recovery time between workouts!"

- Keegan Sharp
Ranked second in CIS (Canadian Interuniversity Sport) for the pentathlon


"I eat Genki-Bars before and during long training rides, before training runs, and before and during triathlons. Eating a Genki Bar has helped me to maintain my energy level and avoid crashing. I've noticed that I'm able to finish as strongly as I start since incorporating Genki-Bars into my training and racing routine. I used to find consuming sports performance bars a necessary evil of training and racing, but the Genki Bars taste so great that they have now become a treat for me either to help motivate myself before or reward myself during grueling training sessions. I am definitely going to keep eating Genki-Bars as a regular part of training and racing!"

- Brigitte Sabourin
2 X Ironman Canada Finisher, 3 X first overall female in triathlon, 14 marathons, including Boston Marathon in 2009


"My first experience with Genki Bar was in the lab at the trial stage. After trying a variety of products during exercise, Genki Bar was by far the best product at maintaining a high level of energy throughout the workout. After seeing those results, I decided to try the new and improved Genki Bar during my long training rides for Ironman Canada. I found that I could maintain a higher level of energy throughout the ride, more than I did with any other product. I do believe it also helped during the race in giving me sustained energy during the bike and into the run."

- Glenn Patkau
Competitive triathlete, Ironman Finisher

Triathlon"I am a female hockey player, 19 years old, and I recently tried the Genki bar for the first time. Immediately after eating the bar, I felt satisfied but not too full. It tasted good and was not too heavy. Within thirty minutes I felt ready to play; very strong, energized and alert. The bar digested faster than a high calorie, sugary protein bar would have. I felt energy immediately, as well as consistently throughout the game.

My energy level at the half way point of the game was still high. By this time I would usually be feeling drained, slightly dizzy and heavy-legged. With the bar, however, I didn't feel like I was spent at all, and my legs still felt light and fast. I felt like my mental focus was improved as well. By the end of the game I was still feeling satisfied and mentally sharp. My muscles didn't feel like they were seizing up and becoming sore. I was still able to have forty-five second shifts of hard skating. Even at the end of the game I was still not hungry or lacking energy.

The Genki bar definitely sustained me throughout the game. Even though I read other athlete's testimonials, I was STILL surprised at how sharp and quick I was by the end of the game. It is hard to find a bar for games that is composed of enough to sustain throughout the game, and at the same time is not heavy. The Genki bar was a perfect combination of easily digestible and sustaining.

The next day I felt as though I was more awake and ready than usual. Post game soreness was little to none (which is a huge plus when we're playing back to back games). Overall, I was very impressed the with effects of the Genki bar. The fact that it digested easily was fantastic, especially for athletes like myself that have trouble eating too close to competition time. I used to be a faithful energy drink person, but after trying the Genki bar where there was no "crash" whatsoever, I will definitely be changing my ways. I loved the taste and even more loved how I was sustained throughout the whole game! I would recommend this bar to any athlete wanting to stay powerful and fast all game long!"

- Kristin Cockerill
CIS –University of Manitoba Women Hockey Team, Left Wing; U-18 Team Manitoba 2008

"I teach nutrition at Mount Royal University, Calgary. I am in my late 40's and I am a very active person. My favourite activities are running and cross-country skiing. My daughter is almost 20 now. She is a natural athlete who excels in any sport she tries. We are both vegetarian. We pay attention to what we eat. But we often need a handy pack of healthy nutrients and calories on a go. Many energy bars on the market are high in sugar and low in protein. If they are good nutritionally, they do not taste so great. Genki Bar is an exception. It provides all we ask for – balanced nutrition and great taste. Go Genki go..."

- Dr. Hana Stastny, MD -- Calgary, AB

"I first tried the Genki Bar at a Triathlon I had volunteered to help out. I was impressed with the taste, and the fact that it wasn't heavy. I started using them all the time when I am training. Sometimes during a long run they make an ideal snack, and seem to add that extra bit of energy. After a long run or a hard training session my recovery seems to be better. They also make a perfect snack to help refuel the body and they are not so full of sugar like other bars and don't make you feel bloated or bogged down. I carry them with me all the time, whether I am running outdoors or working out in the gym."

- Brian Breit

"...my dad and I took Genki to get us through the 4 day Inca Trail in Peru last week. It was amazing and such a great snack for those long days and climbs! 4 days, 43 km, 4200 metres elevation."

- Theo Phillips
Registered Dietician


"Our Arizona training camp is probably the year's greatest challenge. We climb mountains, race time trials, and pushed ourselves in the pool. It is a real test, both mentally and physically. Genki Bar helped give us the energy we needed to stay strong right to the end. Thanks Genki Bar!"

- Saskatchewan Triathalon Center


"I was introduced to Genki Bars in the summer of 2010, while training for another marathon. I quickly discovered how well they worked as fuel for my long runs and they immediately became part of my routine. Besides their great taste, they really do provide energy late into a run. I now use them for my winter endurance activities such as cross country skiing and snowshoeing....and of course for all my long runs. Genki Bars are a great Canadian product and highly effective sources of energy."

- Peter Goode

"The Genki Bar's are a light tasting energy bar that does not leave you with an after taste and you are not left feeling heavy and bogged down after eating a Genki Bar. It also has less calories from sugar then other bars out there."

- Craven Sport Services

"Very tasty and I liked the texture. Kind of like a healthy brownie treat!"

- Stuart Homler
Masters swimmer

"The Genki Bar is lighter than all the other energy bars I've used. The all natural ingredients is really important for me and still the taste and texture are as good or better than the other bars out there. The fact that Genki's development had local support also means a lot to me in choosing it. The energy boost from the Genki bar is tangible."

- Larry Mumford, runner

"Genki Bars are key to my success. Using genki bars before and after games allow me to be at the top of my game, every game. With our grueling NHL schedule nutrition is so important, and this is how I get my edge!"

- Jay Rosehill, Toronto Maple Leafs


"I really like using Genki Bars as part of my regular training routine. They leave you feeling energized and ready to go without leaving you feeling bloated and bogged down like other energy bars. They have a great natural taste and texture that makes them a great snack during those tough workouts. Nutritionally, I find that they provide a more sustained source of energy as opposed to the short bursts of energy that I've experienced from other high-sugar bars. I would definitely recommend this product to athletes in any sport, and look forward to my to using Genki bars in the future."

- Robert Bigsby
Junior Elite Triathlete


"Genki bar is a really great fuel for long training sessions which is a staple in the triathlon training schedule. It has a great taste because it's not overpowering and it's not too sweet as so many of the sports bars are. They worked great in long rides because I was able to keep them down when you need nutrition during a workout. Probably what I love most about Genki bars is that I can understand all the ingredients and I know that what I'm putting into my body isn't a bunch of artificial and chemical products. Using them at our recent training camp was helpful in making it through the long days of training and being able to recover for the next session."

- Abby Miller
Junior Elite Triathlete